Rätade frågetecken i “Fantebyen”

Svein Norheim, Halden historiske Samlinger - Det skandinaviske reisendekartet, och Marit Egeberg Krog, Marker historielag, diskuterar husgrunden vid husmannsplassen Korslund i "Fantebyen" i Marker kommun. På andra sidan Bekketjern syns väg 21 mellan Örje och Römskog. Foto: Kristina Lindholm

På tisdagen denna vecka fick Svein Norheim och Kristina Lindholm från Den skandinaviska resandekartan en grundlig och mycket intressant visning av Fantebyen i Marker kommun. Det var Marit Egeberg Krog  från Marker historielag som guidade oss bland husgrunderna i området och delade med sig av sin gedigna kunskap. Vi kunde också hjälpa till att räta ut ett par frågetecken kring husgrunderna.

Det skandinaviske reisendekartet har besökt Fantebyen vid flera tillfällen, bland annat i samband med historielagets höstvandring. Nyligen publicerades också en artikel om platsen i Smaalenenes Avis.


  1. Please forgive my using English, but it’s the only language I know!

    I am very interested in your research, my great-great grandfather was Julius Bernhard Carlsen (1849-1912), the son of Carl Christiansen Hakebro. The entire Hakebro family is mentioned in Eilert Sundt’s Fortsat Beretning om Fantefolket and I am relatively certain that he was born in Fantebyen and lived there until he was eight or nine years old. Ole Christiansen Hakebro is named on your historical marker.

    I have struggled with translating some of Sundt’s work, but can only extract a few words here and there, such as “wretched, miserable huts.”

    Both of Julius parents died around 1861, and he was sent to Tofte’s Gave. In 1871 he immigrated to Canada, then the U.S.A. around 1882.

    I have been using Google’s translator but am only getting about 80% of the story. I would appreciate corresponding with anyone who could provide the details in English.

    Thank you!


  2. Hello Pete!
    I am sorry that I have overseen your comment for quite a while. I will send your information to a genealogist that has paid some interest to Hakebru-fölget. Perhaps you can get some help there. I will also show this to the people in Marker historielag that knows a lot of Fantebyen.
    I could also send you the English summary of the book “Snarsmon – resandebyn där vägar möts”, where you could learn more about another site, very much alike Fantebyen.

    I find the information that you give in your comment very interesting – it is important to find out new things of the people that has habitated the sites we try to show to the public.
    Bodil Andersson

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